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All pictures provided by Jim Peacock.

Known Burials at the old Cemetery 1818-1859 Burials

Name                            Identification                          Birth               Death 

(All info from the Jericho Friends Meeting and Its Community 1958, reprinted 1983)

Cox, Jeremiah                   s/o Benj. & Martha               1763-3-22         c.1829

Cox, Amy (Weirman)         w/o Joshua Cox, Sr.               1765   PA         c.1850

Cox, Rachel (Thomas)        w/o Elijah Cox                      1802-8-15        ante 1835

Gray,----                           ch/o Absalom & Margery                              c.1826

Hill, Aaron                        s/o Aaron & Miriam                1752-5-4 NC       1835-8-26

Hill, Achsah (Peacock)        1w/o Henry Hill                    1793-1-2 NC         1830-2-1

Hill, Achsah (Thomas)        2w/o Henry Hill                    1800-6-16        1835-9-29

Lyle, David                        Amy Cox, his 2w.                1792-1-2           1851-8-9

Manor, Rebecca               dt/o Wm. Rhoads & Ann                                  c.1825

Peacock, Anna (Joy)          2w/o Abram Peacock                1762              1818-10-1

Peacock, Abram                s/o John & Patience                c.1762             c.1832

Peacock, Benjamin            s/o John Joy & Ruth                1834-4-22        d. Young

Peacock, Gulielma            dt/o William & Mary                1843-5-2        1859-5-6

Peacock, Abram                s/o Amos & Hannah               1829-7-17       1839

Peacock, Ruth (Cox)         1w/o John Joy Peacock            1804-12-13      1835-2-5

Peacock, Matilda              dt/o Amos & Hannah              1821-3-21 RC,IN      1830

Rhoads, Ann                   w/o Williams Mother-in-law to Benj. Cox (Prob)  c.1750 NC       1840-ante or c.1850

Thomas, Anna                dt/o George & Asenath            1843-5-2 or 1836-5-12 RC,IN          1859-5-6 or 1851-3-12  (she was later disinterred and reburied at the present Burying Grounds, 1899) 


Before the Ice Storm of Jan 2005....

Clean Up from the Ice Storm....

Mapping location of the old cemetery.  This cemetery is in the same section of land that Jericho is located, but is about 1/2 mile north of 100 South, and 1/4 mile west of 500 East.  It is in the middle of the woods, near where the first meeting house was located.  Land was also set aside at that early time for education.  In 1998, Jericho Friends met for worship back here, connecting with our past.