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Jericho's Programs

Jericho Monthly Meeting is held once a month for the purpose of conducting the business of the meeting, usually the at the rise of the first Sunday Worship Services.

There are activities for all ages at Jericho.

Sunday School for all ages including special interest classes when requested.  Sunday School is at 9:30 am.

Shining Stars meet once a month, usually the third Sunday evening; for ages 3 through elementary school.

Jericho Young Friends meet twice a month, usually the 2nd and 4th Sunday evenings; for junior high and high school ages.

A variety of Bible and Book Studies are available.

Family Nights are seasonal and are usually in the fellowship center.

Youth Band.

Bell Choir.

United Society of Friends Women (USFW) is a missionary based service committee of the women of the meeting.  Jericho USFW meets in the even months of the year, is a member of the IYM USFW, and serves many in the community.

Committees of Jericho

Monthly Meeting, Ministry and Outreach, United Society of Friends Women (Missions and Social Concerns), Christian Education, Communications and Publications, Steward and Finance, Trustees, Nomination Committee, House and Grounds, Music, Flower, Kitchen, & Ushers.