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Jericho's Pastors

Many of the earlier Ministry are listed in the Records of White River Monthly Meeting of Friends and are known to have a substantial Ministry Record in the Jericho Particular Meeting.  Some dates are approximate and some are unknown dates of service.  The earliest, such as Benjamin Cox, traveled between many meetings, and was probably at Jericho once a month, and during the rest of the month, members held a silent meeting, where someone in the meeting might of given testimony or a message that was laid upon them by God.  Not all below served in a regular ministry at Jericho, but might of either involved in a traveling ministry, or was shared with other meetings and congregations, or may of been involved in revivals at the meeting house.  We do have some pictures, that have been shared with us for this web-site.  Minister, Pastor and Reverand are not used in the Society of Friends as tittles.  Instead, we are all ministers of God, and some are recognized as having a gift, and some are given training and go through a process of being Recorded.  We are currently, seeking information on who was or is a Recorded Minister in the Society of Friends.  Those that we do know are marked with a +   

Benjamin Cox 1818-1840

John Jones 1840-1844 (first Resident Preacher at Jericho)

Abijah Wooden 1863-1864 (Is said to have laid the brick for the present Meeting House)

William Robinson 1869 - death * (Later Years was Conservatives)

Elijah (Con) Peacock 1870 - death *

William M. Cox 1875-1901 *

Levi Cox 1880-1912 *

Silas J. Cox 1890 *

Simpson Hinshaw 1890

?? Reynolds 1890

Rhoda Thomas 1890s (was blind)

Elijah Johnson 1892 (a man of color)

Clark Shawle 1892

Esther Cook 1894

Charlton Alva (add) Peacock 1895-1940 *

Nathan Pinson 1895-1905 (Conservatives Meeting)

Job Dennis 1897

Ira Johnson 1900-1940

Mary Nichols Cox 1901

Wallace Johnson 1903

Frank Rhoades 1903

Luke Woodard 1903

Cyrus Harvey 1905

Henry Pickett 1905 *

Daisy Barr and 1906

Oliver Beeson 1906

Edna Hill 1906

Everett Morgan 1907

John Robinson 1910-? * (Conservatives)

Rachel Brooks 1912-1917, 1927-1928, 1933-1935

Calvin Johnson 1914

Clifford Pearson 1914

Elvin Thornburg 1914-1925 *

"Mollie" Mary A. Cox 1915 (non resident)

John W. Hardwick 1915, 1919-1921

Levi Cox 1916

John Brown 1916

Mary & Murtilla Cox 1916

Charles & Effie Douglas 1917

Ola D. Johnson 1919-1920

Ruby Oren 1920

Joe Young 1922

Alva O. Hinshaw 1924 *

Ira C. Johnson 1923-1927, 1928-1930, 1932-1939  

Charley Young 1925

Tillman Hobson 1926

Adelbert Wood 1926

Fred Carter 1927

Goldie P. Hinshaw 1927

 Addison Peacock 1929-1931

Murl Hough 1929

Hattie Hinshaw 1930 *

Carl Tucker 1930

Franklin P. Chant 1931-1932, 1935

Talmadge Wright 1933-1934

Rachel Brooks 1933-1935 *

Adam Flatter 1934

Nettie Springer 1934

Earl Mills 1935-1938

Charles E. Hiatt 1937, 1938-1939

C. (Cecil) Marcell Thornburg 1938-1939 *

Laura E. Fetters 1938, 1940-1943

Fred E. Smith 1943-1949  

John Randolph 1944

Inez Batchellor 1945

John Walter 1946

Will Abrams 1947

Stacey Weisner 1947

Harry Kreider 1948

Fred Smith 1948-1955

James Morris 1949-1950

Elbert Portis 1950-1952  

Francis Brown 1951

Walter McAdams 1952

Kenneth Pickering 1954

Mark Shugart 1952-1955  

Zen Harvey 1955

Seth & Ethel Jackson 1955-1957  

James Tatch 1955

George Cole 1956

Raymond Breaker 1957

Gerald W. Rees 1957-1959

Harry E. Reece 1959-1969

Ronald Allen 1969-1971

Jim M. Pitts 1971-1977 and family

Michael Karnofel 1977-1979

John Brent Bill 1979-1981

Stephen Burt 1981-1984

Kenneth Pohlenz 1984-1991

+ Carl Bennett 1991-1994

Richard Briggs 1995-1997

+ Dan Smetzer 1997-2002

 + Keith Morrison 2002-2004

 +Sid Martin 2005-2006 (fair picture)

Max Edwards 2006-2010

Martin and Elaine Wells 2010-

  Sarah Barr, Rozan Hunt, Earl Mills, Perez Thomas, Talmadge Wright unknown dates.

List compiled by Greg Hinshaw's Indiana Friends Heritage 1821-1996 c1996 and a list he has complied in an unpublished work of Early Pastors in IYM done in March 2001.  Nancy Brumfield and Andrea Long, and from the Jericho Friends Meeting and It's Community Book c1958 and it's supplement 1958-1983 c1983, were also used in creating this list.  Some pictures provided by the Virgil Peacock Family, C. Marcell Thornburg Family, Greg Hinshaw, Tom Hamm and Andrea Long.

*Men and Women of Jericho who have entered the Christian Ministry or Comparable Christian Work; also includes Vern Baldwin, Mary (Moody) Brumfield Homer Cox, Murray Cox-Johnson, Mable (Hinshaw) Eisenhour, Sebra Ann Greenberg, Imogene Hendrickson, Alva Hinshaw, Edwin Hinshaw (Is a recorded Friends minister), Hattie Hinshaw, Walter Hinshaw, Fred Lee, Ruth Cox Rudy, Frances Peacock, Von E. Peacock, Leroy Thornburg, India (Price) Thornburg, Raymond Thornburg, Herman Weimer.

+ is a Recorded Minister of the Society of Friends.