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Jericho Friends Meeting Documents... (originals {from the IYM archives at the Lilly Library at Earlham College in Richmond, IN} are hyperlinked, please use your back button to return to this page.)

Jericho is first mentioned in the Newgarden Monthly Meeting Minutes of 20th day 6th month of 1818.  Starting on page 51 of the minutes.  Newgarden Meeting still exists, it is in Wayne County south of Fountain City just off of US 27.  {A note, although this is in our history book as a part of our history, IYM History research done by Greg Hindshaw, Greg has told us this...1818 references to the Friends on “Upper White River” in your Jericho history documents.  I was not sure how to reconcile this with my understanding that White River Meeting was started in 1818 or 1819 and Jericho in 1822.  I re-read some of the minutes of New Garden Monthly Meeting and Cherry Grove Monthly Meeting recently for an article that I am working on.  As I understand it, “Upper White River” in 1818 was what we know today as White River, and “Lower White River” was eventually Sugar Grove, then Dunkirk .  After Dunkirk assumed its later name, the other settlement became simply “White River,” so, when a few years later, a new settlement requested a meeting even further up White River, it, too, was “Upper White River,” but, though the name was the same, the meeting was different....this confusion is in part because of how we set up meetings to begin with, and with those early years here in Indiana, so many preparitive meetings were started under monthly meetings and quarterly meetings.  Plus the reference to White River, that many meetings are connected to as it ribbons through this county.  Jericho probably was started by this time, because of the number of founding families of Jericho were living here by then, many coming from meetings in North Carolina}

on page 52....Friends in the upper Settlement of White River request the privilege of holding a meeting among themselves  Wm. Reece, John Pegg, Jacob Thomas, Franc?? Frazier, Ephraim Overman, Obadiah Harris, Ben and John Thomas are appointed to visit them on the occasion also to visit friends in the ???? Settlement for their help and Encouragement & report to next meeting.  Clerk is directed to ???????? the committee with a copy of this minute ....page 53.... is the remainer of that days minutes and the start of the 18th day 7th month of 1818 Newgarden Monthly Meeting Minutes...page 54....The friends appointed to visit friends of the upper Settlement of Whiteriver ???? - ???? of their request - report they monthly attend?? to the appointement to pretty good sattifaction and after a time of deliberation this meeting grant them their request and appoint John Thomas, George ?hugart, Nathan Isfsop & Stephen Hocket to attend the opening of a meeting for worship to be held on first and fourth day, to be opened the last fourth day in this month and report to next meeting....page 55 is the rest of that day's minutes.

in 1822 Jericho Meeting was under the Cherry Grove monthly meeting, noted (starting on page 16) on page 17 and the name Jericho was given to our meeting... 18th day 4th month of 1822...The friends appointed to visit friends of the upper Settlement of White River on account of their regular report they attended to the sppointment to good sattisfaction and are free that their request be granted with which this meeting unites, and appoints Thomas Frazier, William Hockett, John Kenworthy, Benjamin Cox ad Daniel Charles in conjunction with a committee of women friends to attend the opening of the same on the 25th of this month said meeting to be held on first and 5th days the 5th day succeeding White River preparative meeting exe??? also to be known by the name of Jericho and report to next meeting, the clerk is directed to furnish the committee with a copy of this minute...on the same date on page 18 ....also the friends of White River preparative meeting requests the privilege of holding a monthly meeting amounst themselves, Paul Beard, Gideon Frazier, Nathan Thornburgh, John Pegg, Jefse Johnston, Thomas Frazier and Edward Thornburgh are appointed in conjunction with a committee of women friends to visit them on account of their request and report their case to next meeting - the clerk is directed to furnish the committee with a coppy of this minute...(Jericho Friends Meeting was under the White River Monthly Meeting until the 1920s, and the name of the monthly meeting was then changed to Jericho Monthly Meeting), on that same page, is a marriage propose of John J Peacock and Ruth Cox of our meeting.

In the fall of 1823, probably 10th month of the year starting on page 8 during the Newgarden Quarterly Meeting, which Cherry Grove Monthly Meeting was under, members from our White River preparative meeting were mentioned on page 9, then the 1st month 1824 meeting on page 10, page 11 is the rest of the minutes.  The early members were very active it would seem at the local meeting, monthly meeting, quarterly meeting and yearly meeting levels.  More minutes for the 7th month of 1824 on page 14.  On page 15 is the start of the 23rd day 10th month of 1824 and on page 16 is the start of uniting with the women's meeting.  Many familiar Jericho names are mentioned here: Eli Overman, Benjamin Thomas, John? Mills, Whitson Lefse? Parker, Abram Peacock, Amos Peacock, Jonathan Marine and Benjamin Cox were appointed to this committee.  More on page 17.

During this same time period White River Monthly Meeting was held as well, on page 5, starts the 7th day 2nd month of 1824, held at White River Friends (this meeting still exists, in Winchester) members from Jericho are mentioned on page 6.  On that same page starts the next WRMM on 6th day 3rd month 1824 (held at Dunkirk Friends, this meeting is gone, there is a cemetery in the woods though, the old road is gone as well that would take you to it).  On page 7 starts the 3rd day 4th month of 1824, sending Benoni Hill with others to the next Quarterly Meeting.  Page 8 and 9 continue in the same direction.